On Agathodemon's Deathbed

by No Misery Left

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Single from the upcoming EP "We Dig Our Own Graves" (2014)
Official Lyric Video: youtu.be/ZCTWZj4dC2Q


I am tired of big things and colossal achievements, great success and big institutions and I am for those tiny, invisible molecular moral forces that function from individual to individual, creeping through the crannies of the world like so many rootlets, or like the capillary oozing of water, yet which if you give them time, will rend the hardest monuments of man's pride ever.

Cause we are fucked up. We're licking the pussy of scientific progress, penetrating deeper and deeper every day. Quintessence of shoppy thoughts and vile acts ruins ourselves. Evidence of moral decadence was confirmed. And we all totally screwed

We forgot about diminutive joys in existence
Insensibly robbing parts of own eidos
But mankind is erratic herd. And
Consciously injects xenobiotic in its veins

"The choice lies with you. The stupidity of a nuclear arms raise, the development of weapons trying to solve your problems politically by electing this political party or that political party that all politics is immersed in corruption. Let me say that again, communism, socialism, fascism, the democrats, the liberals, we want to absorb human beings. I am afraid to live in the society we live in today. our society can not be maintained by this type of incompetency. Now we need to change our way of thinking or perish"

So who we are outside the eye without walls and mirrors
Just frightened worms hiding behind shield of order and justice
We all forgot, religion is surrogate of faith, and we bow to the church
Pseudoscience earns money, convincing of real life illusion

This is the way
With no turns
Straight till the end (2x)

Mothers are fucked, children are shit. Oh, so nihilistic
Cocademon's control, agathodemon is down

This is the way
With no turns
Straight till the end
To catharsis

Day will come,
we will bend
on agathodemonic

Day will come
Eyes wide shut
Shall be blind
By the star
If we fall
I just want
This to be
Not in vain


released March 3, 2014



all rights reserved


No Misery Left Prague, Czech Republic

Atmospheric post-hardcore | post-metal | experimental music project from Prague (Czech Republic).

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